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At Honeywell Uvex, we focus on eye safety every day.
At Honeywell Uvex, we focus on eye safety every day. It’s easy to see why eye safety is worth the attention:
  • More than 2,000 occupational eye injuries occur every day
  • 1/3 of them require emergency services
  • The cost to employers exceeds $300 million each year
  • The impact on the affected individual is immeasurable

The good news is, more than 90% of workplace eye injuries could be avoided by wearing the proper eye protection.

Honeywell Uvex is committed to protecting workers’ eyes. From innovative materials, modern styling and advanced comfort features to unrivaled lens coatings and patented lens tint technology, nobody offers more advanced eye protection solutions.

Come explore what’s new in eye safety with us this month!

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Make Hydroshield™ your solution to lens fogging.
HydroShield offers 60x longer lasting anti-fog performance than our next best AF coating. It also delivers 2x the scratch resistance. See how HydroShield eliminates fog here.

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Think lens fogging’s no big deal? Think again.
Read this to learn how fog puts worker safety, productivity and your bottom line at risk – and how to ensure a safe, clear view for everyone at your site.

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Occupational eye injuries at a glance.
More than 700,000 workplace eye injuries occur each year. Our newest infographic offers tips on how to reduce the risk of these common – and costly – injuries.

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Rely on Uvex lens tints to support safety and productivity.
Impact hazards may be obvious, but light hazards should never be overlooked. In addition to protecting workers’ eyes from the short-term and cumulative effects of natural and artificial light sources, lens tints can support visual function in the workplace. Read how here.

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Uvex HydroShield Anti-Fog Lens Coating
Now Available on 7 More Products Due to Popular Demand; Unrivaled Performance Keeps Lenses Consistently Clearer Longer

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How to Avoid Fogging
Honeywell Fellow Phil Johnson explores the causes and hazards of fogging safety lenses – and how to avoid them – in this new article from Chemical Engineering.

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Look Beyond Basic Protection: Vital Considerations in Safety Eyewear
Ensuring reliable impact protection is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to selecting effective safety eyewear. From a comfortable fit to visual performance, learn what else matters when protecting workers’ eyes.

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Choose Lens Tints That Boost Visual Acuity
Safety eyewear’s lenses protect not just from impact, but from other visible and invisible hazards as well. From blinding laser light to invisible ultraviolet and infrared rays, specialized lens tints provide the added protection workers require to stay safe and conduct their jobs effectively.

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