Communicate For Workers

Communicate Ideas For Workers

Form an employee safety committee:
Ask employees to volunteer for monthly or quarterly safety committees. Create 30 min – 1 hour session with the team to discuss safety issues. For eye protection, many of these tools. Some potential topics include:

  • Training on safety procedures
  • Training on the proper use of safety equipment
  • Evaluation of new safety equipment

For training materials and other suggestions check out our Educate section.

Create an employee “safety suggestion box”:
Find a place where employees can anonymously place tips or comments about unsafe behavior they are noticing in the workplace. This is a good idea for facilities where the level of open communication is currently very low, and employees do not feel comfortable coming forward.

Be Pro-Active at Plant Management Meetings
Ask the plant manager to make safety a larger part of the regular plant communication meetings. Utilize these 10-15 minutes not to focus on safety statistics, but to highlight what you are doing to make safety a stronger part of the culture of safety in your facilities, remind people of procedures, etc.