The first step toward building a stronger culture of safety throughout your organization is to educate yourself, your workers, and your management about safety best practices and principles. These resources will help you get started.

The Guide to Eye and Face Protection
Like many others, you probably take your eyes for granted. But imagine what would happen if you suddenly lost your vision or had an accident where your eyesight became dramatically diminished. Some people would say that if they’re lucky, then they will never have to worry about it. Uvex thinks there’s more to it than just luck, that’s why we have written this guide  which will  answer many basic questions, as well as some you may have never even thought to ask.
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Lens Tint Reference Guide
Providing truly functional eyewear is becoming a much more specialized task, particularly as the specifics of various jobs are analyzed across many industries and market segments. Impact protection, while certainly a vital requirement, is no longer the sole function of protective eyewear. Fit, comfort, style and through the use of specialized lens tints all contribute to a total package that addresses workplace hazards as well as compliance issues faced by the safety  professional.
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Above the Standard: Military Vo

Most Uvex® glasses go above and beyond ANSI and CSA. They meet the Military impact standard for Eye Protection. Learn about this standard and what it means for your workers.

Safety Articles

As a leader in safety eyewear, we continually publish articles and white papers on the subject. For information on industry trends, eye protection case studies and more check out the complete list of articles.


To assist you in becoming an eye safety expert, we’ve compiled an extensive annotated Bibliography.

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