Successes amongst the team.

Worker to worker safety reinforcement.

Instilling a strong culture of safety isn’t easy—you’ll have to get employees to want to be safe. Reinforcing positive behavior is key. These suggestions will help.

Lead by example

Actions speak louder than words, so be sure you are following your own rules 100% of the time. Bending the rules for yourself even a little can really send the wrong message. Be careful not to do it.

On the Spot Positive Reinforcement

If you catch an employee doing something good, reward them on the spot—especially when an employee that repeatedly breaks the rules finally decides to behave safely. In addition to public praise, give them a small reward.

Cool sunglass-style safety eyewear can be a great reward in this scenario. Uvex models such as Uvex SlateUvex Polarized, Uvex Ignite, and Tomcat in sunglass tints are good choices. Also, check out the complete line of Harley-Davidson® eyewear at

Organize Safety-Related Events and Publicize Them

Hosting safety-related events is a cost-effective way to make safety the norm in your organization. For instance, at qualifying facilities we offer free eyewear assessment surveys to improve your safety eyewear program and free vision screenings to check your employees for vision problems.

Learn more about these free services.

Your distributor or other safety equipment manufacturers may offer similar low cost options—just make sure you let everyone see the positive results. When employees and managers notice these events, they’ll feel like they’re part of a safety culture and will be more likely to join in.

Build Worker-to-Worker Reinforcement

75% of you told us that worker-to-worker reinforcement was key to building a culture of safety. Setting up a Safety Committee is a great way to start this reinforcement. Here’s how.

Encourage safety at home

Bring your distributor in for a safety fair and ask them to offer home safety products for sale directly to your employees. Negotiate with your distributor to offer employees the same discount you receive as an organization, or if budget allows, consider subsidizing a part of each employee’s purchase at the fair.