Selecting the right partners and the right equipment are key ingredients to improving your culture of safety.


We’re absolutely committed to helping safety directors and workers build stronger cultures of safety at their workplaces. In addition to encouraging compliance though comfortable, highly-effective safety eyewear, we offer the following tools and services to help you accomplish your goals.

Web-based Eyewear Selection Tool

Selecting the right eyewear doesn’t have to be confusing. Streamline your search by selecting Hazard Type, Product Type, lens tint, and a variety of other options. Click here

Free On-site Eyewear Assessment

Employees complaining about their eyewear? Unsure if you have the right equipment for the job? Our expert safety consultants will be happy to conduct an eyewear assessment survey for you. Click here

They’ll determine if:

  • Your eyewear is right for the job.
  • It fits properly.
  • Maximizes productivity.

Free Prescription Safety Eyewear Assessment

Our prescription eyewear service will ensure your employees are wearing the right level of protection, and that their vision is adequately corrected. We’ll send a trained representative to your facility who—with a local laboratory partner—will work to establish a simple, cost-effective program to meet your employees’ prescription safety needs. Click here

Free On-site Vision Screening

Employees with untreated vision problems aren’t truly safe. With our on-site vision screening program, a trained representative will come to your facility and test your workers vision—referring anyone with problems to a qualified optometrist. Click here