Uvex®: Lens Tint Technology for Every Application

Whether indoors, outdoors or in special operations, chances are your workforce may require lens tints. Optical hazards include visible light and invisible rays alike. Repeated or extended exposure can cause serious – even permanent – damage to the eyes, including cataracts or corneal burns. Eye injuries caused by optical radiation are both common and preventable, through the use of proper lens tints and filters.

Uvex eyewear offers an extensive variety of lens tints to meet the needs of nearly any lighting task or environment. All Uvex eyewear is available with an assortment of standard clear and sunglass shades, and many styles are also offered with specialized tints for task-specific lighting applications. Proprietary to Uvex, these Spectrum Control Technology® lens tints absorb select wavelengths to enhance and protect vision wherever radiation hazards exist.

When outfitted with the proper lens tint, workers benefit from reduced eye strain, enhanced visual perception, and increased safety and productivity. Lens tint options are vast, and safety lens tints should be considered carefully for the best performance. Refer to the chart below for guidance on which Uvex lens tints are best suited for your application, and see for yourself how Uvex lens tints benefit the workforce and support your organization’s culture of safety.

Impact protection, while certainly a vital requirement, is not the sole function of protective eyewear. Varied work environments warrant different lens tints that can enhance visual perception and relieve eye strain while providing protection. The use of appropriate filters can greatly reduce eye injuries on the job and result in improved worker productivity. From technical specifications to applications, this Lens Technology Guide provides detailed information about each Uvex lens tint. The charts below offer lens tint details and product offerings in a consolidated format to help you quickly and easily find the information you need.

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