HydroShield Models

Below are the available HydroShield Models

North Adaptec
North Adaptec is engineered to meet the demands of today’s most diverse workplaces. The 3 sizes, narrow, regular, wide, comfortably fit many gender, ethnicity, or facial features. With adjustable nose pad and temples, North Adaptec delivers excellent protection, superior comfort, customized adjustability, premium optics and stylish look.

Uvex Seismic
Uvex Seismic is a sealed eyewear that protects against impact, dust and debris. It has a flame-resistant, cushioned-lined subframe, and a removable headband for all-day comfort. Uvex Seismic is available in a variety of high performance lens coatings.

Stealth OTG
Uvex Stealth OTG (Over-the-Glass) fits comfortably over most prescription eyewear. It has a modern style, gap-free fit, and unmatched protection. Uvex Stealth OTG has Dura-streme AF/HC, MMT elastomer body, and an easy and economical lens replacement system. Made in the USA.

Uvex Hypershock
Uvex Hypershock delivers protection with a sporty style. Now available in Hydroshield AF coating, it has a lightweight, wrap-around full frame, streamlined temples, and molded nosepiece. Ideal for indoor/outdoor work environments. 100% dielectric.

Uvex Genesis
Uvex Genesis is engineered to deliver on the best all-day comfort, protection and style. It's built with MMT for comfort, and protects in a very wide assortment of lens tints. Uvex Genesis has an easy and economical lens replacement system. Frames have a lifetime guarantee. Made in the USA.

Uvex Genesis XC
Uvex Genesis XC has the same comfort and adjustability features as original Genesis, with 20% more extended wrap-around lens for extra cheek and side coverage. Rx lens insert available. Uvex Genesis XC has an easy and economical lens replacement system. XC frames have lifetime guarantee. Made in the USA.

Uvex Stealth
Uvex Stealth is the most popular goggle on the market. Its high end styling and comfort offers unmatched protection from chemical splash and impact. Uvex Stealth’s toric lens design is coated with Hydroshield AF, MMT elastomer body, and easy and economical lens replacement system. Rx insert available. Made in the USA.

Uvex Protégé
Uvex Uvex Protégé has Proprietary Floating Lens™ and ultra lightweight design for increased flexibility and fit. Available in Hydroshield AF, its wrap-around brow expands for a customized fit. Soft temple tips and nose “fingers” reduce slippage. Made in the USA.

Uvex Livewire
Uvex Livewire is a sealed eyewear engineered to offer extreme protection in extreme conditions. Uvex Livewire has Hydroshield AF, top and side ventilation channels, ratcheting temples and flexible design, and is offered in the widest assortment of tints of any sealed eyewear. Also available in Rx.

Uvex Flex Seal
Uvex Flex Seal goggle is made of a lightweight, silicone body, which conforms to the face, to assure the highest level of comfort and eye protection.

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