Uvex®: Unparalleled Lens Coatings

Uvex is the world leading brand in lens coating technology, delivering long lasting anti-fog and anti-scratch performance. Because they are permanently bonded to the lens, Uvex coatings do not wash or wear off, even after extended wear or repeated cleanings. The value and protection of long-lasting Uvex fog-free, scratch-free lenses are unsurpassed in today’s industrial workplaces.

Employers gain peace of mind and workers gain the confidence to conduct tasks without the distraction and risk of obscured vision.


Fogging is the number one challenge faced by safety eyewear users. Lenses fog in nearly every application wherever heat and humidity exist due to environmental conditions, transitions between cool and warm workspaces, and physical exertion on the job.

Once fogging occurs, an individual must either remove his or her safety eyewear to wipe the lenses clear or continue to work with obscured vision. If eyewear is removed on site, the worker becomes vulnerable to workplace hazards, which can lead to injury with potentially catastrophic results. If the worker exits the site to wipe lenses clear, productivity is undermined.

The best way to protect workers from fogging is to provide them with high-performance anti-fog safety glasses or goggles. Uvex anti-fog coatings come in two levels of superior protection on a wide variety of safety eyewear styles to deliver a safe, clear view even in extreme heat and humidity.

Honeywell Uvex HydroShield® Anti-Fog technology was tested under the most stringent anti-fog standard in the world, the European EN166/168 standard. Under this test, a lens is soaked in water for two hours to simulate the cumulative moisture lenses are subjected to over time from sweat, washing and extreme work environments. After drying, the lens is exposed to steam and the duration of its fog-free time is recorded. In this test, HydroShield lenses consistently remained fog-free 90X longer than the majority of other anti-fog products. And, Uvex HydroShield technology requires no application and no maintenance. Which means no downtime on the job.

Uvextreme® Plus
Offers the superior anti-fog performance of Uvextreme, but with extended wear. Permanently bonded to the lens, Uvextreme Plus retains its anti-scratch, anti-static and UV protection properties.

Anti-fog coating offers great, dual-action performance under the demanding hot and humid conditions for long lasting fog-free view.

Offers basic Anti-fog coating performance under the demanding hot and humid conditions for long lasting fog-free view.

Scratches on protective lenses directly impact worker safety and productivity, obscuring vision of workplace hazards leading to potential injury. Marred lenses may also cause headaches and fatigue. In high particulate environments, the value of superior scratch-resistant safety glasses or goggles is significant: not only do they improve worker safety and performance, they also significantly extend the life of the lens.

This advanced anti-scratch coating offers superior performance in high particulate environments where lens scratching is a severe problem. It lasts five times* longer than any other anti-scratch coating on the market today, delivering extreme durability and value even in the harshest conditions.

This hard coat is one of the toughest anti-scratch coatings in the world. Permanently bonded to the lens, it offers unparalleled scratch and chemical resistance.


Dura-streme® is dual anti-fog/anti-scratch coating that combines the benefits of industry-leading Uvextreme anti-fog and Ultra-dura anti-scratch coatings on one lens. While the advanced anti-fog properties of Uvextreme help keep the interior of the lens clear from fogging, the rugged properties of Ultra-dura protect the exterior of the lens from scuffs and scratches, adding up to three times* more life to lenses.

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Uvex HydroShield™ Anti-Fog Lens Coating
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