Uvex® Lens Replacement System

You Don’t Always Have To Buy New Eyewear…You Might Only Need the Lens
Many of the most popular Uvex eyewear styles—including the Genesis(R) family---come with a lifetime frame guarantee and an easy and economical lens replacement system. Because replacement lenses are a fraction of the cost of a complete set of eyewear, by using replacement lenses, you can reduce your annual safety eyewear expenditures while reaping the benefits of high quality eyewear for less money over time.

Lifetime Frame Guarantee
All these styles have a Lifetime Lens Guarantee and offer Lens Replacement System

We stand behind our product offering 100% – no questions asked! All Uvex styles that offer replacement lenses come with our Lifetime Frame Guarantee. What does this mean? If the frame breaks, Uvex will replace it at no cost to you. Now you can offer your workers the highest performance safety glasses very economically. Many of the most popular Uvex eyewear styles—including the Genesis® family—come with a lifetime frame guarantee AND an easy and cost-effective lens replacement system.

Simplify Your Safety Eyewear Program
Standardizing on fewer eyewear styles and using replacement lenses helps you not only save money on your eyewear purchases, but with fewer items to purchase, you can save time while reducing your inventory.

Multiple Lens Tints, Coatings and Lens Style—One Frame
Rather than have multiple eyewear, simply swap out the lens! Whether it’s a different lens shade, antifog performance or a different level of coverage, Uvex offers a wide range of task-specific lens tints, coatings and lens style options to meet almost any application.
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