The Canadian Standards Association Group (CSA) modified its Z94.3 standard for eye and face protectors.

Highlights of those changes include:

  • Revised specifications for the headform used for impact and penetration testing
  • The addition of lasers and arc flash hazards and provisions for protection
  • Revised optical requirements for plano eyewear with non-prescription reading segments
  • Clarification of the points of impact for face shields and welding protectors

Honeywell is committed to manufacturing high-quality protective eyewear that meets or exceeds these standards. All of our eyewear and faceshield offerings sold in Canada are currently undergoing the certification process for compliance to the new standard. In the meantime:

  • There is no change to the currently employed United States ANSI Z87.1 standard
  • We have allocated a significant stock of Z94.3-compliant eyewear in Canada. Products marked with Z94.3 and manufactured prior to Sept. 1, 2017 meet CSA’s requirements for protection and can be sold.
  • We are working closely with CSA to gain its highly respected certification for many of our Honeywell safety eye and face products to meet the new Z94.3 – 2015 standard.
  • We are continuously testing new and existing products for the 2015 standard to bring even more of the world’s most trusted safety eyewear to your market!