Uvex A700 Slim Series

Uvex A700 Slim Series has all the features and benefits of the A700 Series in a full 10% smaller frame to fit narrow facial profiles. Available in 2 lens coatings: HC, and Uvextra AF (on clear and gray lenses).


  • PC lens, HC, Uvextra AF (select lenses)
  • 10% smaller than Uvex A700 Series
  • Sporty, lightweight, 9-base wrap-around frame
  • Soft, flexible, temple tip pads
  • Available in many lens tints
  • See also A700 Series
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  • ANSI Z87.1+2015
  • Tested by Honeywell to meet the requirements of the CSA Z94.3 standard
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Lens Coatings

  • Hardcoat
  • Uvextra Anti-Fog

Frame Colors

  • Amber
  • Clear
  • Gray

Temple Styles

  • Padded

Detailed Features

Polycarbonate Lens Coatings available in:

  • Hardcoat coating, and Uvextra Anti-Fog coating (on clear and gray lenses)


  • 10% smaller/narrower for narrower facial profiles
  • Lightweight, full 9-base wrap-around coverage
  • Soft temple tip pads for a secure fit
  • Universal nose bridge
  • See also A700 Series


  • U6 grade –level lens filters 99.9% UVB/UVA protecting for far and near UV transmittance
  • Available in multiple lens tints
  • Certified to meet ANSI+ 2015 and tested by Honeywell to meet the requirements of the CSA Z94.3 standard

Value Proposition

  • Comfort and protection and 10% smaller to fit narrow facial profiles


  • ¾ frame, sporty

Uvex brand history

Model Details

Attribute Features
Lens Coating PC, HC, Uvextra AF, U6 lens filters 99.9% of UVB/UVA, many tints
Frame Adjustability Lightweight frame, Soft, temple tip pads
Nose Piece Universal nose bridge
Browbar Not Applicable
Overall Style 3/4 frame, sporty
Product Platform Advantages 10% smaller than A700 Series. Comfort and protection at a Value

Product Features

Images Product Numbers Details
Uvex-A700-Slim-North_A700-Slim_A750_clear A750 Clear FrameClear Lens

Anti-scratch Coating

Uvex-A700-Slim-North_A700-Slim_A751_gray A751 Gray FrameGray Lens

Anti-scratch Coating

A752 Amber FrameAmber Lens

Anti-scratch Coating

Uvex-A700-Slim-North_A700-Slim_A753_BlueMir A753 Gray FrameBlue Mirror Lens

Anti-scratch Coating

Uvex-A700-Slim-North_A700-Slim_A754_IO A754 Gray FrameI/O Lens

Anti-scratch Coating

A755 Clear FrameClear Lens

Uvextra Anti-fog Coating

A756 Gray FrameGray Lens

Uvextra Anti-fog Coating