Uvex Skyper

Uvex Skyper offers the simplicity of a uni-lens with stylish appeal. Wraparound design offers peripheral protection, molded-in nose bridge and browguard, adjustable temple length and inclination. Uvex Skyper has an easy and economical lens replacement system. Frames have a lifetime guarantee. Made in the USA.


  • PC lens, Uvextreme AF, Ultra-dura HC
  • Adjustable temples, molded-in nose and brow
  • Available in a very wide range of lens tints
  • Economical lens replacement system
  • Lifetime frame guarantee
  • Simple but stylish, uni-lens, peripheral protection
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  • ANSI Z87.1+2015
  • Tested by Honeywell to meet the requirements of the CSA Z94.3 standard
  • CA 18,832 - Brazil
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Lens Coatings

  • Ultra-dura Hardcoat
  • Uvextreme Anti-Fog

Frame Colors

  • Black

Temple Styles

  • Duoflex
  • Fabric Headband
  • Neoprene Headband

Detailed Features

Polycarbonate Lens Coatings available in:

  • Uvextreme Anti-Fog coating
  • Ultra-dura Hardcoat coating


  • Wrap-around lens provides uncompromised peripheral vision and protection
  • Adjustable, Duoflex temple length and lens inclination ensures customized fit
  • Molded-in nose bridge


  • Certified to meet ANSI+ 2015 and tested by Honeywell to meet the requirements of the CSA Z94.3 standard
  • U6 grade -level filtering 99.9% of UVB/UVA protection for far and near UV transmittance
  • Available in wide range of lens tints, including SCT (Spectrum Control Technology), including SCT-Orange which filters wavelenghts including blue, protecting against light emitted by UV lamps. See Lens Tint Technology brochure

Value Proposition


  • Simple but stylish Uni-lens
  • Uvex brand history

    Model Details

    Attribute Features
    Lens Coating PC, Uvextreme AF, Ultra-dura HC, lens filter 99.9% of UVB/UVA, available in various tints including SCT (Spectrum Control Technology)
    Frame Adjustability Adjustable, Duoflex temple length and lens inclination provides comfort
    Nose Piece Molded-in nose bridge
    Browbar Molded-in browguard; ¾ frame design
    Overall Style Simple but stylish Uni-lens
    Product Platform Advantages Easy, economical lens replacement system. Lifetime frame guarantee. Made in USA (excl. mirrored lens)
    Images Product Numbers Details
    S1904X Black Frame

    SCT-Gray Lens, Uvextreme Anti-fog Coating

    S1903 Black Frame

    Gold Mirror Lens, Ultra-dura Anti-scratch Coating

    S1900 Black Frame

    Clear Lens, Ultra-dura Anti-scratch Coating

    S1900X Black Frame

    Clear Lens, Uvextreme Anti-fog Coating

    UvexSkyperX2S2812jpglarge S1901 Black Frame

    Espresso Lens, Ultra-dura Anti-scratch Coating

    S1901X Black Frame

    Espresso Lens, Uvextreme Anti-fog Coating

    S1902 Black Frame

    Amber Lens, Ultra-dura Anti-scratch Coating

    S1905 Black Frame

    SCT-Reflect 50 Lens, Ultra-dura Anti-scratch Coating

    S1906 Black Frame

    Shade 2.0 Infra-dura Lens, Ultra-dura Anti-scratch Coating

    S1907 Black Frame

    Shade 3.0 Infra-dura Lens, Ultra-dura Anti-scratch Coating

    S1908 Black Frame

    Shade 5.0 Infra-dura Lens, Ultra-dura Anti-scratch Coating

    S1930X Black Frame

    SCT-Low IR Lens, Uvextreme Anti-fog Coating

    S1933X Black Frame

    SCT-Orange Lens, Uvextreme Anti-fog Coating

    S6500X Replacement Lens

    Clear, Uvextreme Anti-fog Coating

    S6509X Replacement Lens

    SCT-Low IR, Uvextreme Anti-fog Coating