Uvex Hypershock

Uvex Hypershock delivers protection with a sporty style. Now available in Hydroshield AF coating, it has a lightweight, wrap-around full frame, streamlined temples, and molded nosepiece. Ideal for indoor/outdoor work environments. 100% dielectric.


  • PC lens, Photochromic, Hydroshield AF, Uvextreme Plus AF
  • Soft, molded nosepiece. Temple inserts
  • Available in various lens tints, including polarized tints
  • Idea for indoor/outdoor use. 100% dielectric
  • Full-frame, Sporty
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  • ANSI Z87.1+2015
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Lens Coatings

  • HydroShield Anti-Fog
  • Hardcoat
  • Photochromic
  • Uvextreme Plus Anti-Fog

Frame Colors

  • Clear Ice
  • Matte Black
  • Smoke Brown

Temple Styles

  • Cushioned

Detailed Features

Polycarbonate Lens Coatings available in:

  • HydroShield Anti-Fog coating offers consistent fog-free time of 90X longer than the majority of other anti-fog products and provides 2X greater scratch resistance than our next best anti-fog coating.
  • Uvextreme Plus Anti-Fog coating for 10X longer anti-fog and 2X scratch resistance
  • HydroShield Anti-Fog Hardcoat coating
  • Available in Photochromic coating


  • Lightweight, wrap-around frame provides superior fit, coverage and side protection and peripheral vision
  • Soft, molded inserts along the temple offer comfortable and secure fit
  • Integrated hinge mechanisms with dual cam action
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • Certified to meet ANSI +2015
  • 100% dielectric
  • SCT U6 grade -level filtering 99.9% of UVB/UVA protection for far and near UV transmittance
  • Available in wide range of lens tints to address the needs of virtually any work environment

Value Proposition

  • Ideal for indoor/outdoor environments including hot, humid conditions


  • Full-frame, Sporty
  • Model Details

    Attribute Features
    Lens Coating PC, Uvextreme Plus, lens filtering 99.9% of UVB/UVA, various tints including SCT and polarized
    Frame (Adjustability) Soft, molded temple inserts
    Nose Piece Molded in
    Browbar Not Applicable
    Overall Style Full frame, Sporty
    Product Platform Advantages 100% dielectric. Good for Indoor/outdoor use.

    Product Features

    Images Product Numbers Details
    Uvex-Hypershock_S2940HS S2940HS Matte Black Frame

    Clear Hydroshield AF

    Uvex-Hypershock_S2941HS S2941HS Matte Black Frame

    Gray Hydroshield AF

    Uvex-Hypershock_S2942XP S2942HS
    Matte Black Frame

    Amber Hydroshield AF

    Uvex-Hypershock_S2951XP S2951HS Matte Black Frame

    SCT-Blue Hydroshield AF

    Uvex-Hypershock_S2960XP S2960HS
    Smoke Brown Frame

    Clear Hydroshield AF

    Uvex-Hypershock_S2961XP S2961HS Smoke Brown Frame

    Espresso Hydroshield AF

    Uvex-Hypershock_S2970XP S2970HS Clear Ice Frame

    Clear Hydroshield AF

    Uvex-Hypershock_S2940XP S2940XP Matte Black Frame

    Clear Lens, Uvextreme Plus AF

    Uvex-Hypershock_S2941XP S2941XP Matte Black Frame

    Gray Lens, Uvextreme Plus AF

    Uvex-Hypershock_S2942XP S2942XP Matte Black Frame

    Amber Lens, Uvextreme Plus AF

    Uvex-Hypershock_S2943 S2943 Matte Black Frame

    SCT-Reflect 50 Lens, Hardcoat

    Uvex-Hypershock_S2944 S2944 Matte Black Frame

    Red Mirror Lens, Hardcoat

    Uvex-Hypershock_S2945 S2945 Matte Black Frame

    Blue Mirror Lens, Hardcoat

    Uvex-Hypershock_S2949 S2949 Matte Black Frame

    Espresso Polarized Lens, Hardcoat

    Uvex-Hypershock_S2940HS S2950X Matte Black Frame

    Photochromic Uvextreme Plus AntiFog Lens

    Uvex-Hypershock_S2970XP S2965X Clear Frame

    Photochromic Uvextreme Plus AntiFog Lens

    Uvex-Hypershock_S2951XP S2951XP Matte Black Frame

    SCT-Blue Lens, Uvextreme Plus AF

    Uvex-Hypershock_S2960XP S2960XP Smoke Brown Frame

    Clear Lens, Uvextreme Plus AF

    Uvex-Hypershock_S2961XP S2961XP Smoke Brown Frame

    Espresso Lens, Uvextreme Plus AF

    Uvex-Hypershock_S2963 S2963 Smoke Brown Frame

    SCT-Reflect 50 Lens, Hardcoat

    Uvex-Hypershock_S2964 S2964 Smoke Brown Frame

    Gold Mirror Lens, Hardcoat

    Uvex-Hypershock_S2969 S2969 Smoke Brown Frame

    Espresso Polarized Lens, Hardcoat

    Uvex-Hypershock_S2970XP S2970XP Clear Ice Frame

    Clear Lens, Uvextreme Plus AF

    Uvex-Hypershock_S2974 S2974 Clear Ice Frame

    Red Mirror Lens, Hardcoat

    Uvex-Hypershock_S2975 S2975 Clear Ice Frame

    Blue Mirror Lens, Hardcoat