In-Plant Eyewear Assessment Survey

In-Plant Eyewear Assessment Survey

Employees complaining about their eyewear?
Worried you might not have the best equipment for the job?

Our expert safety consultants will conduct an in-house eyewear assessment for you checking for:

  • Right job, right eyewear?
  • Eye injuries occurring?
  • Fit problems? (too big, too small, causing pain)
  • Function problems? (lens fogging or scratching)
  • Productivity enhancements through lens tint options (low light applications, IR exposure, inspection operations)

How the program works:

  • Fill out your request in our on-line form
  • You’ll be contacted by a team member who will gather more information about your needs.
    A Uvex consultant will contact you to set up your exact assessment time.
  • Once in-plant, our consultant will walk your facility with you and analyze the use of safety eyewear in your facility.
  • He/She will recommendations on products which will best serve your needs, improvement points in your overall programs. He/She will also assess fit issues amongst your employees.