Here is an update regarding the CSA/Z94.3 standard ongoing process.

To date, we have not yet received additional certifications from CSA for the 2015 standard. We continue to work closely with CSA to ensure certification is gained. Although the process is taking much longer than expected, we are now much closer to receiving certification. Based on our conversations with CSA, we expect the certifications to begin to come in by the end of Q1.

We understand this delay has been difficult on you – and feel it’s critical we help you meet the needs of your workforce.

Since November 6, we have been and continue to ship products that have been tested by Honeywell to meet the requirements of the CSA Z94.3 – 2015 standard.

Product quality and your workers’ protection are our top concerns. These products have been rigorously tested and are marked Z94.3-2015 because they meet the standard. They simply will not bear the CSA logo until they receive CSA 2015 certification.

As of today, the following is a list of Honeywell Uvex/North models tested by Honeywell to meet the requirements of the Z94.3 – 2015 standard, and are in production and/or already shipping. Please notice the addition of new models (in bold) and please click below to see the addition of new part numbers as well:

  • North Adaptec
  • Uvex Genesis
  • Uvex Falcon
  • Uvex Flex Seal
  • Uvex Protégé
  • Uvex Skyper
  • Uvex A700
  • Uvex Millennia
  • Uvex Seismic
  • Uvex Stealth
  • Uvex Tirade
  • Astrospec 3000
  • Genesis XC
  • Bionic Faceshield
  • Ambient OTG
  • Astrospec 3001

Click here for full list of part numbers.

Honeywell Uvex models, that have been awarded the CSA Z94.3 2015 certifications are:

  • Avatar
  • N-Vision
  • Edge
  • Lighting/Lightning Plus
  • Tornado F5
  • Norton 180
  • Triton
  • SVP 200

Click here for full list of part numbers.

We apologize for the inconvenience recent events have caused in holding up orders. Backlogs are waning and we expect to be recovered by the end of the quarter.

Thank you for your continued patience and loyalty as we strive to bring you the exceptional Honeywell safety eyewear products on which you rely.

Certificate of Compliance

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